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Tuesday, October 24

Baby Boomer Tech Tech Tech Boom

This is to ALL parents.. not just mine, but some of these are personal stories, but most are the same story over and over and over again I hear from friends.

All Baby Boomers should have to watch a 5 minute training video on any sort of technology they want to use.  Don't know how to work apps, watch a video, don't text me.  Don't know how to get the gamecast volume to work, watch a video don't text me... scratch that all baby boomers should have to watch a video on how to work GOOGLE!!  If you could just google it and read before asking me I guarantee you will figure it out.  You somehow you got married, had kids, maintained a steady job, take care of your elderly family, friends, etc managed to stay alive this long, I'm sure 5 more minutes on a google search will answer all of your questions.  Full disclosure, all these circumstances are not all my parents, but storied I hear from friends as well.

Also no I won't go on FB and like your friends post, who I don't know and unfriended 5 years ago and no I won't order something online for you because you only know how to call nordstrom and jcrew to order online and no I can't go find the receipt email of the purchase that was sent to your email and no I won't download all your music from your computer to your phone and no I won't call someone and get their address, it's called white pages, text or facebook messenger and no I won't go on facebook and see if you shared something you don't remember sharing and no I don't need you to send me all the articles from FB in private message and no I don't need you to comment on all my friends post and no I don't need you to comment on friends and family post that you barely know.  It's fine if you want to friend my friends.. but puuleease keep your comments to yourself, it's just annoying and if you have to ask why.. then ugh.

And Please just learn how to take a selfie....  The button on the bottom right corner of the frame actually turns the camera around.  See below.

And no "Duck Face" does not look good on you unless you are a 13 year old trying to trap old men on-line with your sexy face.  NO ONE does Duck Face anymore... ok no one with Class.  And make sure to get your 1 chin in the pic... make sure you actually get your face in the pic... and really just don't post it, we don't need to see 100 selfie's of you, don't you have anything else in your life besides yourself, but it doesn't look like that.  Do you have friends, take their pics, share their articles, make and album of all the rando pic's you have taken.  And for goodness sakes, just delete them when you are done.  I can't help with your full storage...that's a YOU problem!

Just to be clear there was no class in school that taught me how to use an iphone, I just figured it out or mostly googled it.  I was like the last one of my friends to get an iphone at the time my 70 something year old Grandad had an iphone before me.  He was a Dr., so I guess you could say he was on the cutting edge of technology and back then I was not.  I refused, I even debated getting the black berry touch screen because I just was not an "Apple Person"... wake up people the only non-Apple people on the planet are weird, non conformist or cheap.  Why on earth would you not want to connect on the same devices as everyone else... Also I am 1000% not answering any questions about galaxy, samsung, flip phones, blackberries (pretty sure they don't exist) or any other type of device that isn't an iphone.  Just open up your internet explorer and figure it out yourself.  Just to note I was down for some BBM-- if you don't know, what that is I'm not going to tell you.  Not to get confused with BBD... just to be clear.

And I still rock the AOL email address, I mean what's the point in changing, it works, it's free and I've had since my Instant Messenger days, when I picked a pretty bland name and my friends and sisters went for the more hip names.  I mean I would change my email to gmail or yahoo too if my old screenname was sweetXbabyXjane, like why did my parents let my 8 year old sister have a name like that.  Can you imagine the amount of solicitation she must've gotten with that screen name.  18/M/NJ... don't act like you don't know what that is.  Oh and chat rooms were the best, you could chat with your friends, you could chat with strangers and you could be anyone you wanted to be... I was always 20/F/SC-- I mean SC is close enough that I knew enough about the state and I was also SMART enough not to tell anyone where I lived.  And as a 20 yr old I could never been invited to the bar (and especially because I was really 14).  
Ohhh those were the days when you could be anonymous, on the internet, prank call people.  I mean what in the hell do girls do at sleepovers now, if they can't prank call people??  Is Tyron der??  If you have been my friend for any sort of amount of time you know my Tyron prank call, it was one for the record books.  Oh and the student union nurse who was ALWAYS calling about your STD results.  See kids this is what people did before the internet and facebook.  Just to go ahead and age myself I haven't already, Facebook did not exist until I graduated college.  THANK GODDDDDD.  Omg now I only have these wonderful photo albums to scroll back through and look at terrible hair cuts and boys I made out with... who I somehow snapped a pic with ON MY CAMERA... man that must've taken guts.

So the moral of the story is this.... I never had facebook growing up or a cell phone... well I would not consider a Nextel Beep Beep a cell phone.  And just look at me now, I'm a master stalker, photo uploader, snapchatter extraordinaire, non instragm skank, and I also have a finsta... if you don't know that one, then you are not cool and your kids are smarter than you.  So get with the times and learn to use google for all your questions.  I can't imagine what we did before google???
Good day Sir!

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Tuesday, October 17

Anything you can do I can do better....

I can do anything better than you, no you can't, yes I can, no you can't. yes I can yes I can yes I CANNNNNNN.

So now that's out of the way, let's talk about the real issue, letting Girls into the Boy Scouts.  I personally think boys/men are against it because... well basically read the title of this blog.  Yes because they are afraid Girls will be better boy scouts than boys.  I mean girls already do so many things better than guys.  Yes sure there are arguments about the few things guys can do better, but can you grow a tiny HUMAN inside of you, no I didn't think so. THE END.. ok just kidding.  Also if girls join the boy scouts they will be able to do all "girly" things and "boyish" things and will be better well rounded citizens.  Isn't that what the BOYS are arguing, that it helps shape men into boys, eagle scouts, a man fraternity for life, another "boys" club they are given a membership too.  Guess what you don't have to be in scouts for that to happen, does it help probably, but why wouldn't you want all citizens to have that chance to be better well rounded contributors to society, oh that's right that one little membership card that we can't get.. BOYS RULE and GIRLS DROOL.  Well this isn't Alfalfa's world anymore any and everyone is paying and playing.

Then there's the argument that the Girls have the Girls Scouts and Boys have the Boy Scouts.. umm OK, separate but equal.  Anyone else remember the last time that slogan was in use and do you think things were separate but equal during the civil rights movement, NOPE.  They are NOT equal.  But like on the real, I don't want to go to camp outs with boys or have all night jamborees, well not in elementary school anyway..haha.  But I would like to learn more about those knots, be able to carve cool things with my KNIFE and of course that pinewood derby thing... now we are talking about things I'm interested in.  And shouldn't little boys want to learn how to sell cookies I could only imagine it makes more money than their wagon of popcorn and the world would be a much better place with MORE GIRLS SCOUT COOKIES!!!  There's some lessons to be learned from those girls scouts after all.  I'm talking to you cubbies.. go rent THE BOSS or Troop Beverly Hills, great movies and you learn how to sell cookies.

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Why are the BOYS so scared of sharing... SHARING IS CARING.  Why don't they want things to be equal, why don't they want ALL people to learn and prosper.... because again I refer to the title of this post... anything you can do I can do better.  They just want to be on top and be the best and well that's just not true. There are just somethings girls are better at doing, somethings boys are better at doing and we should challenge each other to be our best.  The boy scout Motto is the "Be Prepared"... so didn't you see this coming???  Oh wait what's the girl scout Motto "Be Prepared" See we already have that in common how hard hard could it be with our powers combined I am Captain Planet... ooops sorry got carried away there.  We area already half way there having the same motto, we are basically already the same, the Boys Scouts are basically basic already....

So I don't know what the answer is, but it's either raise the Girl Scout standards and incorporate new training and potentially a high honor equivalent Eagle Scout, so everyone can be this wonderful productive citizen you say people can't become without being an eagle scout OR let girls in.  I mean I don't see the harm in teenage girls and boys spending the night together under the stars together... Sounds like Saturday to meeeee....haha.

As the sayings goooooooo
Be Prepared
Freedom and Unity,
In God with Trust
Go Forth and Multiply- it's all in genesis people.. God said it, so it must be true, so let's just shut up about all of this and let KIDS BE KIDS!!!

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Monday, October 9

Are you offended yet?

I'm a democrat, are you offended yet?  But I would've voted for Rubio because he's hot, are you offended yet?  I support BLM movement, are you offended yet?  I also think all lives matter, are you offended yet? I support gun control, are you offended yet? I support a woman's right to choose, are you offended yet?  I support the death penalty, are you offended yet? I don't like Breastfeeding in public, are you offended yet? I LOVE the Tarheels, are you offended yet? But I also go to NCSU games and cheer on the Wolfpack, are you offended yet?  I don't agree with daylight savings time, are you offended yet? I don't like PDA, are you offended yet?  I don't like Tomato based BBQ (western NC), are you offended yet? I don't think kids should have cell phones, are you offended yet?  I do think college athlete's should get paid, are you offended yet?  I hate the pig face on Snapcaht (no one wants to look like a pig), are you offended yet? I think motocycle's should be banned because they are too loud, are you offended yet?  I'm a white girl, who loves gansta rap, are you offended yet?   i'm not opposed to kids on leashes, are you offended yet?

Hopefully I said something that offended you, but that makes me ask the question, Why are we so easily offended these days? Why are we so easily enraged about things?  Why does social media play such and important role in our lives today?  Why are you mad and ready to defriend me and not hang out with me because of something I agree or don't agree with?  Do you ever stop and think, maybe I'm too quick to judge, maybe I could slow my roll, maybe I could be the bigger person and not go off in a facebook rant about these posts/opinions.  Just maybe stop and think is this something I would say to someone's face?  If yes, I guess feel free to be a bully mean girl on the internet because that makes you so big and bad. But that is just not the way it should be people.  Did we all forget what our parents and especially grandparents taught us.  Just because it's not on the internet and you can't facetime with it, doesn't mean all this good advice you learned over the years should just go out the window.

So let's start trying to be nicer to each other.  Let's have fun, share meme's, forget Cam Newton's an idiot who says idiot things, stop idolizing celebrities, they are human too and make mistakes.  Just enjoy the world that gave us SNAPCHAT, elastic pants, leggings as pants, spanx, pizza with flavored crust, meal deals, french fries as a side with everything, supersizing,

It's not that much harder to be NICE!

LOVE > hate
And yes people I own a T-shirt that says this... because that is what I do Graphic Tee's and God invented graphic tee's so I could share my opinion on my shirt and not just on the internet
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Wednesday, October 4

Are you the Passive or the Aggressive?

Are you the passive or the aggressive?  I think about this question often and I know the answer for me THE AGGRESSIVE.   I'm aggressive in my opinions, I'm aggressive in my language, I'm aggressive in my stories and well you get the point, so it's probably safe to say I don't work well with the PASSIVE's, but maybe I'll give it a try in this post.

I personally just think you should say what you mean and mean what you say, is that so hard to live by?  If you say you don't sleep with guys on the first night, but I know you have had like 15 one night stands, did you really mean to say you don't sleep with guys on the first night OR did you mean to say you don't sleep with UGLY guys on the first night.  See how easy it would be to tweak your comment and make it the truth?  Also if you post some cryptic song lyrics or meme's or GIF's or video's or share someone else's post I'm going to assume you agree with what you posted.  That is what FB is for to share your opinion and SHOVE it down other people's throats... Oh wait that's not what FB is for, my bad?  I mean if you post something sad and sappy, I will only assume you are sitting at home alone crying into your tub of Ben and Jerry's Moose Tracks Ice Cream (personal experience- it's the best ice cream).  If you post a group pic at a festival I will only assume that you are on the front row hammered drunk watching Jesus with giant eagle's wings and singing lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an Angel band.

Perception is everything- isn't that why FB exist in the first place.... so I can perceive you to be the perfect pintrest mom who never gets vomited on or pooped on, keeps the house clean, your husband sexually satisfied yet still you are full-filled personally AND you can perceive me to be the, always traveling, beer guzzling, all night raging, no cares in the world, selfish single friend, well most of my description is right except I don't drink beer, more of a liquor girl myself...haha.

So if you don't want me to perceive you as pissed off or in most cases passive aggressive, then don't post all those meaningful yet useless quotes on FB that might or might not be directed at me.  Actually just don't post anything on FB because no one really cares about that emotional crap on FB haven't you seen all the PEOPLE GONE WILD on the internet lately... we now care about kneeling, NRA, BLM, Donkey's, elephants and something called bump fire stocks.

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When did we stop caring what shade of blue is better (CAROLINA BLUE-to be clear)? Who is going to win the superbowl? Do any athletes have affairs or illegitimate kids? Does my selfie makes me look fat? Can't I say my opinion without getting blasted? NOPE--  Can't we just Make things FUN again?  Can we have more of those quizzes so I'll know what Princess I'll be when I grow up or what Prince I'll marry one day?  While we are on this subject, I also what know how in the Hell I got M'Lynn in which Steal Magnolia's character are you?  For god sakes I'm def Ouiser and if not then Truvy and then maybe Clairee or maybe even Drum, but I'm not M'Lynn...  Also FB jokes on you because I'm not going to have Blair Waldorf's wedding form Gossip Girl.. because I haven't met Prince Eric from Little Mermaid yet, who you predicted I would marry and then be The not-conventionally-romantic couple.

Image result for blair waldorf wedding
But to go back a bit... maybe one of those you got right-- Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl- You're the definition of a modern day princess.  Your charm and grace, along with your bold and determined attitude, means that there's nothing you can't do or achieve.  When looking for love stay true to yourself and you're sure to find someone who loves you for the queen you are.  I mean if that isn't me, I don't know what is.  So Chuck if you are out there, there's nothing I love more than a Rich Asshole that knows I'm the Boss Queen and treats me as such.  Cause I wanna be Royall-- Oh Wait I am!

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Friday, August 15


Again it's been a while, but I find myself bored at work wondering what to write about and then it dawns on my it's usually something I'm annoyed by.  So this week it has been the ALS ice bucket challenge. FUNDRAISERS are about AWARENESS and EDUCATION-- and this ICE BUCKET challenge has hopefully done the first one, you can't get on Facebook without seeing this, but are people being educated about the disease and why this challenge is being done??

 Don't get my wrong I love raising money for charity and am usually doing my fair share, love a good fundraiser and love to get dressed up for an event, love to do silly things carnivals or dress up in costumes, love to mingle with the people you are trying to help and having a good old time while helping others, but this is getting out of hand.  I love seeing people over and over again getting soaked with freezing cold water, but how many of you are actually donating or contributing to the cause or aware of what/who you are even helping. Are you helping?  I would love to see more people post about giving and NOT POST (for all your friends to see how you can accept a challenge and dump ice) just GIVE, give money, give support, give time to any organization.  I would challenge my friends to resist the urge spend on money on a bag of ice, or spend time on organizing someone to film the video or time to get prepared to record this video to show how much you care and support ALS.  Do you even know what ALS is?  Have you ever met anyone with ALS or someone that has a family member with ALS???  You are a prisoner in your own body, imagine, not being able to pick up your iPhone and scroll through Facebook and look at your friends photos, pic's of your grandkids, imagine not being able to grab that six pack and head out to the dock/boat and cruise around with your friends, imagine not being able to dress yourself, feed yourself or use the BATHROOM!!!!  AHHH can you imagine having to have help every time you went to the bathroom, I'm just saying I drink a lot of water and have to go A LOT, so there better be someone out there that really loves me and could help me do this, all the time.  And your mind is completely there, your cognitive abilities are untouched, you are still that famous baseball player, that mother of 4, that doctor, that actor, that senator, that main caregiver for your family, that main provider and so on who now can do nothing but watch.  I mean I have a hard enough time being quiet for 2 hours in a movie theater or for argument's sake quiet for any amount of time, I can't imagine just have to be there and sit silently as live evolves and changes around you??????

I went with my roommate the other night to dinner at a place that was donating 10% of proceeds to ALS and there were lots of people there helping raise awareness and money and some were doing the ice bucket challenge, some were family members, some were people who currently had ALS.  It was fun to watch these people in their business clothes after work just get soaked for a good cause and right there on the spot challenge someone else and some guy with a bow tie would just walk up and dump the ice on himself and then challenge the bartender and so on.  It was a really neat experience, but the best part was this little old man that came up to us and asked if we knew about ALS and were we there for the fundraiser.  He proceeded to tell us he had recently lost his wife to ALS and for the last 2 years of her life he did everything for her, he dressed her, he fed her, he changed her (yes as in her diaper) and they have 3 beautiful kids together and they were all on their way up there to do the ice bucket challenge.  He seemed so excited to be there and share information about the disease and his family, even pulled up a family pic on his phone from a few months before his wife passed away. He explained how he was holding her head up in the pic behind the wheeler chair so that she would look normal and they would have a nice family picture together before she passed because they had no idea how long that might be.  He then told us the form of ALS that his wife had was the genetic kind, which means any of his 3 kids could have it.   And yes they can get tested to find out if they carry the gene, but there is no cure, there is no slowing it down, right now there is only research and HOPE!!!!

That's where things like these events and the Ice bucket challenge come into play, again AWARENESS and EDUCATION.  So really think about why you are doing this challenge, who you are helping and make sure not only to post the video and challenge people, but also donate, maybe challenge more of your friends to donate than to actually do the ice bucket challenge or do both!!!  If your heart beats strongly for another charity, give to them, it doesn't matter who ultimately is getting the help, just as long as someone is beside you looking cool to your friends on Facebook.  Get the information out there.  Just think lots of people were dying of AIDS and HIV in the early 80's and now it's basically cured, you can live long happy lives with a disease that people had little hope for just about 30 years ago.  So get the message out there do your part and spread the word and help everyone fight these disease and FIND A CURE!

Go donate to your local Raleigh Jim "Catfish" Hunter Chapter of ALS--

If you like Golf more than ICE buckets--sign up for the Golf Tournament

November 10, 2014
North Ridge Country Club
Raleigh, NC